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 Post subject: 9 (2009) DVDRip
Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 11:48 pm 

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The movie begins with the scientist creating a little humanoid rag doll (9) as it tells how the humanity, in its blind pursuit of science and technology, went to his doom. He finally gives life to the doll with a talisman and then, he dies.
9 awakes, unable to speak. He takes the talisman, depositing it on the opening of his body under the closure. He opens the windows and sees a terrifying post-apocaliptic world, and someone lying on the ground. He leaves the building too see who is. Outside, he sees several human corpses. 9 hears someone close, and then he meets 2, another rag doll created by the scientist, who inserts a speaking device in 9 and becomes his friend. 2 tells 9 that there are others like themselves. 9 shows 2 the talisman, when suddenly the Cat Beast appears and captures 2. The Cat Beast attacks 9, nearly ripping his arm off. The Cat Beast takes 2 to a towering factory in the horizon. 9 lays inconscious.
9 awakes in a church, the shelter of the rest of the rag doll group. He meets 5, another of the rag dolls who fixes 9's arm. 1, the leader of the group, appears and
Seeking answers about the Fabrication Machine and the talisman, 9 is taken to meet 3 and 4, who reveal details about the machine's past, though they know nothing about the talisman. 5 tells 9 that 6 might have answers and return to the hideout, where 6 states they must "go back to the source," where the talisman's secrets can be found. However, they are caught by 8, who brings them to 1. 1 berates 9 for awakening the Fabrication Machine and argues that 9 will just lead them to more trouble. Suddenly, the hideout is attacked by the Winged Beast, a new machine created by the Fabrication Machine. Through a combined effort, the stitchpunks destroy the Winged Beast, though the hideout is burned down in the process. They seek refuge in a ruined library and meet twins 3 and 4, but are attacked by another new machine, the Seamstress[citation needed], which kidnaps 7 and 8 and nearly kidnaps 1 as well, who is convinced to strike back against the machines.
9 infiltrates the machine factory where he is able to save 7 and destroy the Seamstress, though he arrives too late to prevent the Fabrication Machine from absorbing 8's soul with the talisman. 9 and 7 escape while the others ignite a barrel of oil and roll it into the gas-filled factory, causing the building to explode and destroy the Fabrication Machine. As the stitchpunks celebrate by listening to Somewhere Over the Rainbow, 5 wanders off to find the Fabrication Machine is still active, and barely manages to warn the others before the machine grabs him and absorbs his soul. During the nonstop chase while walking on a bridge, 6 tells 9 that they shouldn't destroy the machine because the souls of the dead stitchpunks are trapped inside the Fabrication Machine. Suddenly the Fabrication Machine reaches out from below the bridge and grabs 6. While 6 is being pulled down by the machine, he tells the other stitchpunks to go back to the source, where 9 awoke. Then the Fabrication Machine absorbs his soul leaving him lifeless, and drops him into a deep chasm. Despite this, 1, 7, 3 and 4 decide to destroy the Fabrication Machine anyway, believing the dead souls cannot be saved. 9 decides to heed 6's final words and returns to the laboratory where he first awoke and find the talisman, determining that it is "the source".
Back in the laboratory, 9 finds a message from the scientist explaining how to use the talisman. When the others begin their attack on the Fabrication Machine, 9 returns with a plan to take the talisman back from the machine and use it to retrieve the souls, intending to bait himself to the machine and sacrifice his soul. 1, however, ultimately makes the sacrifice instead, allowing 9 to use the talisman to retrieve the souls, destroying the Fabrication Machine in the process. Afterward, 9, 7, 3 and 4 set up a memorial for 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8. 9 opens the talisman and releases the souls, which rotate up the sky. A rainstorm begins with each raindrop having a part of the stitchpunk's soul (the appearance of which seem to be a bacteria in the raindrops, meaning the bacteria would soon evolve), leaving the future in the hands of 3, 4, 7 and 9 and the spark of life renewed. The film end's with 7 asking 9 what they should do next, 9 replies "This is our world now, it's what we make of it".

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